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Brazilian Acai

AÇAÍ DO MATO was born from Marcos Vital’s entrepreneur dream. Marcos is from the state of Minas Gerais, who was transferred to Cuiabá – MT as director of SESC’s tourism area. In 2009 he left his job to open the first store in Cuiabá, which initially sold only açaí and natural juices.

The idea of having açaí as the main product came from the realization that in Cuiabá there was a great demand for a quality product, because the açaí served in the city, by a few establishments, did not have a pleasant taste, nor an attractive presentation. To obtain the best standard of quality, he sought suppliers in the north of the country (Pará) that could guarantee the best açaí and developed his own formulation for açaí, with different combinations and complements, served in bowls, cups, and glasses.

The success of the business was immediate, and to better meet the market demand, Marcos invested in creating a more complete menu focused on healthy eating, with 100% whole-grain and gluten-free products, aimed at a public that wanted more quality of life. He hired a nutritionist to take care of the standardization of the products.

In 2014 it installed a factory – production unit in Patos de Minas with capacity to meet its own demand and that of other stores in the state of Mato Grosso. Today the factory produces 20 tons per month, corresponding to 15% of the installed capacity, i.e., it is fully capable of supplying a chain of stores. In November 2017, Marcos opened a new store in his hometown, Patos de Minas, with an area of 70 m2, a more compact model than the Cuiabá unit.

Based on the success of the units in operation and its production capacity to serve a larger number of stores, AÇAÍ DO MATO is determined to grow via franchises. Its main objective is to form a network of partners able to strengthen itself through cooperation among companies, always based on the access to its know-how and on the concept of a differentiated business, with excellent quality standards and competitive prices in its segment. Another great benefit for franchisees is the transfer of the franchisor’s experience in the creation of exclusive recipes, always seeking to innovate and keep up with the evolution of the healthy food market.